Is Self help any Help?

I was in the bookshop yesterday (again) and watched as a man bought a Self Help Book and I nodded approvingly to myself because he'd picked a good one. On one hand I was delighted to see someone who knew that the answers to his problems were out there. On the other hand I was sad as I knew this book and the next one and the next one might enlighten him but change very little for him. I wanted to block his way to the desk and shout 'No, don't waste your time Dude! I've read them all and studied everything that can be done on how to improve your live. Just jump on the phone with me for an hour and I'll save you YEARS!'

But you can't really go round heckling random members of the public like that can you? It's a constant conundrum knowing you can help others but having to bite your tongue because they're looking in the wrong direction, trying the wrong things and losing hope. You have to wait until they raise their hand and say 'I'm done with the crappy stuff, I deserve better, what do you do and can you help me?'

I love my books, I really do, they keep me motivated and inspired but, unfortunately, they don't listen to me. They don't answer when I ask a question and don't laugh when I crack a joke. They don't care if I'm OK or if there's anything else I need and they don't give me a kick in the bum when I didn't follow their advice and guidance to see real results. They don't get straight to the point of what I need to know to move forward but waffle on and on for hundreds of pages. They don't GET me. They don't care that my particular problems are unique to me and need unique help, clarity and fresh thinking. It's still just me, stuck where I was.

So this is how I ended up doing this for a job. I see no reason in the world why everyone can't massively improve their life, love and work stuff faster and easier than trying to figure it out on their own. I followed that same path for years and eventually figured out that it was the hard way. I completed the highest level training in the world in NLP, Coaching, Healing, Timeline Therapy, Reiki, Hypnosis, Business etc so that anyone working with me saved themselves massive stress, time wasting and loss of hope.

I work with the complete person so that ALL areas of their lives improve, not just a temporary fix, but I only work with those who really want it to happen.

If you've been trying all the ways to get out of your problems and find real solutions and are still where you were then please, book a call. 1 hour, a chat and see if I'm what you've needed all along.

PM here or email for free consultation. What have you go to lose? Nothing. What have you got to gain? A whole new life. But it's up to you.

All Intensive Fast Change 1 to 1 Programmes are 6 weeks phone/Skype. Price available on call.

Monthly Membership, including 2 calls and follow up support, as and when you need it, and on whatever you need help with, from £150.

You can't put a price on finally dropping your old pains and baggage or finally living your dream life, only you can decide if you're worth it.

Business With Soul Programme Results

This is what you get when you move from Stress to Success in your Business with the Business With Soul Programme. I'll let the very talented and very powerful Emma tell you...

'I came across Michelle after randomly picking up a 'Local Women' Magazine when I was visiting my Mum's house. I flipped through it and it fell open at Michelle's Column and after reading it I decided to contact her.

I had recently started a new business, offering Kinesiology sessions, and felt overwhelmed - always running around with a 'To Do' list that was getting longer and longer, coupled with the fact that there didn't appear to be enough time to get through the list! By the time I contacted Michelle I had got to the stage where I carried this list around with me but I could no longer bear to look at it. This lead to a lot of guilt as I felt 'I should' be doing lots of things that I wasn't in order to succeed.

The first time I spoke with Michelle I knew immediately she was the one who was going to help me organise my life and my new business, allowing me to live life to the full by enabling me to balance my home life and business (and take care of the dreaded 'To Do' list)

Throughout the 6 weeks Michelle provided me with the most amazing tools that I am able to use on a daily basis. Michelle listened carefully and was able to understand what I was saying, regardless how confusing or jumbled it seemed to me. She was also able to ask questions that I hadn't asked myself - or may have even avoided.

Michelle helped me to work out exactly what I want from my life and from my business. The beauty of the entire process is that Michelle does not tell you what to do. I was left feeling that throughout our conversations I had worked out the best solution for myself - very empowering!

Michelle will help you clarify where you want to go and provide you with the steps to get there.

I look forward to working with Michelle in the future' smile emoticon

Emma Harvey

Contact Emma on Facebook at 'Awakenin'g or on details below:
Systematic Kinesiology & Reiki Treatments
T: 07849 966888
Email: enicolls@hotmail.couk

Take Back Your Power Today

So if you did want to create a better life for yourself, right here, right now, what one thing could you do today?

The one thing those who live true to themselves do is to take personal responsibility for what they want and the results they get. No blaming the Government, the economy, the weather, the kids, the transport system, their family or their waist size. We are affected and influenced by these things but they don't make us victims of circumstance unless we let them.

We make ourselves victims by giving our personal power away and living as though we have no choice to change. We become responsible for ourselves when we know our own power to create whatever we want in life and use it to take positive action.

To move towards brighter days means we have to let go of who we used to be and make the decision that we deserve better and intend to have better.

Take back your power and take back your future.

Book 1Hr Free Consultation to discover just how powerful you really are.

Email or PM here.

Self Love Summit Online Speakers Event

The Expert’s Guide To Fearlessly Loving Yourself


When was the last time you spent 21 days focusing solely on your own happiness, confidence, and self-worth -- in the midst of life’s struggles and hectic schedule?


I’ve recently been invited to be a guest speaker at the 2015 Self-Love Summit: How To Fall Deliciously In Love With Your Life In The Midst Of Adversity So You Live Happy, and I’m excited to share this year’s topic with you!


For 21 days, 21 business women like you will be interviewed in depth about their successful approaches to self-love and how to make healthy decisions in the face of adversity.


If you attend (you’ll find your FREE invite below) you’ll learn:


  • How to cultivate and nurture self-love through a relationship with God…

  • 5 strategies you can use to grow in life and in business…

  • How to build more confidence and courage…and how the Confidence Factor affects your life, relationships, and career…

  • Why the key to Authentic Self-Love remains hidden for so long…and the reason many successful marriages begin and end with you choosing to embrace self love…

  • What "love attractors" do differently than the rest of the population… and…you'll discover how practice self-love to cultivate stronger connections with others…

  • How to awaken to your power and lead a vibrant life by unlocking the secrets to an inner strength you never knew existed…

  • And much more!


Are you ready to start practicing self-love and change your life with this transformational event?


Then you are invited to attend the 2015 Self-Love Summit: How To Fall Deliciously In Love With Your Life In The Midst Of Adversity So You Live Happy 100% FREE!


All you have to do is click on the link below to register!


Once you do that, you'll receive a series of emails from the speakers inviting you to their interview sessions. It’s really simple and is going to be tons of fun!


I hope to “see” you there!

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