Business With Soul Programme


If you've been struggling to achieve your business and life success, trying to balance work and family life, relationships and money, in a way that's perfect for you and your unique needs, but no matter what you try, success evades you, then you've come to the right place.

If you've discovered that Positive Thinking just isn't giving you the results you hoped for then listen up. You've been mis-sold. You can't paint positive over old negatives. You have to REMOVE the negative thinking first!

I am a busy Mum of 5 and, trust me, I've had more than my fair share of doing things the hard way, being stressed and overwhelmed, not enough time, money or energy or just never getting the results I deserved. I worked too hard for too little and endlessly searched for the answers as to what was I doing wrong.

As it turns out, despite my best intentions I was sabotaging myself because of old ways of thinking. I thought I could just 'think positive' and the world would fall at my feet. Nope. As it turns out 40 years of old pains and fears, unpleasant experiences and negative thinking from friends, family and society had been programmed into my mind (and yours) and was secretly influencing my every action and result. You're not going to create money easily if you've been told your whole life that it's just too hard and there isn't enough to go round. No amount of positive thinking in the world could fix that! So I  learned how to rewire and delete those old stories in my mind, not just bury them with positive glitter and hope they went away. I DELETED them those beliefs, once and for all and my behaviour changed too along with finally getting my just rewards for effort in life, love and work.

If you've been suffering from stress, feeling overwhelmed and not getting the freedom and results you've hoped for in life, love, work then you need support, guidance and fast working techniques. Techniques that WORK!

Enough is enough of trying to do things the hard way, on your own. I'm here to help in a way that is perfect for your unique needs, because I've been there, I've tried all the things that don't work and I've worked out the steps and the systems that heal relationships, increase wealth and happiness and create the perfect work life balance for busy women Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

I am one of the world's highest trained NLP Business & Life Coaches, a Hypnotist and a Spiritual Practitioner. I have been taught unique and powerful strategies for removing the thinking and behaviours that hold us back from reaching our dreams. I've also been initiated into powerful Spiritual therapies which heal old negative patterns on a Soul level. Today, I help women like you to remove all the barriers in your mind that result you never receiving the confidence, self esteem, health, wealth and happiness that you truly deserve.

We all have negative self talk and this comes from old patterns in our subconscious. These old patterns affect how we act and behave and result in self sabotage, low self esteem, lack of money, energy and love and keep us blocked from recognising our true paths in life.  I have been taught how to zap these and remove painful emotions that we carry as baggage from past events and experiences. Once the baggage has been dropped it's a simple process to create your perfect future, with my help and guidance.

Michelle is professional and patient and gives excellent advice and guidance about a range of topics to help me. her straightforward, clear and friendly manner has me overcome the obstacles I have been putting in my own way and how to overcome these. I have an improved sense of purpose, a firmer vision of where I want to go and a stronger belief in my business and own abilities.

Paula, Australia

I chose to become one of the world's highest trained NLP Business & Life Coaches, a Hypnotist, a Spiritual Practitioner, a Reiki Master and more because no matter how many self help books I studied or how many Gurus I followed, I just couldn't create REAL change in my life. Once I used the correct tools and tapped into true spiritual power my life transformed and I am determined to discover and deliver the best possible transformative results for my Clients.

My Business With Soul Programme allows me to help you finally create your unique work life in a balanced and rewarding way and to overcome old patterns that keep you from raising your income, not having enough Clients, time, energy or commitment. You will release old negative behaviours, easily with my help, and tap into your own true power allowing you to only ever attract what you REALLY want. No more settling for second best, missing opportunities or believing you can't have the life and business you dream of.

As a young person I was lacking in confidence and self-esteem. Then through nursing and life experiences I grew in confidence and took on many challenges in my career. Recently though I found myself becoming incredibly frustrated. Having qualified as a herbalist nearly 6 years ago I still hadn't built up much of a client base and was still working 2-3 days a week as a nurse. For 3 years I had wanted to make the break but it hadn't happened. I decided to quit the post but in doing so felt all the fears and anxieties surface. My belief that I wouldn't be able to financially support myself and would fail in my business was threatening to make me ill. I needed expert help.

I was instantly drawn to Michelle and just knew she was the right person to contact. It was such a lovely experience to chat through these problems and be given the tools to grow in confidence and dump the excess baggage from the past. I'm now feeling much more positive about my future as a herbalist. New ideas and opportunities are appearing and I'm overcoming hurdles much more easily with hardly a hint of anxiety.  I look forward to keeping the connection with Michelle to work on health related issues.  Lucy Scott,  Kittowellness

The Business With Soul Programme is a one to one intensive and perfect for anyone who is ready to commit to living the life they truly deserve and leave feeling stuck and frustrated behind. I release your fears, change your thinking, boost your motivation, raise your energy levels and teach you tools and techniques which you can use yourself, again and again to create your perfect future.

Michelle helped me to disassociate the bad feelings with the bad memories of the past. I addressed a lot of past pains that in some cases I didnít even realise existed but were holding me back and this only became apparent when I began working with Michelle. Another spin off of the unresolved past was the negative pattern of behaviour that unknown to me, I was repeatedly applying to nearly all aspects of my life and I was essentially becoming my own worst enemy. Michelle not only helped me clear out the old useless limiting junk from the past but once that was done, she helped me gain clarity on everything Ė past, present and future. Michelle really helped me get back to being the version of me that I thought was lost, Iím so shocked by the transformation in only a few short weeks.í Anna Marie, UK

You will receive an empathetic, non judgemental, down to earth listening ear and support for whatever you're struggling with and become relaxed, confident, clear and focused and will be astonished at how quickly you are able to attract new opportunities and rewards into your life.



As you have attended the SELF LOVE SUMMIT I offer you an exclusive FREE opportunity to join a group of like-minded purposeful women and together, have your old negative pains and fears around anything including:

  • money,
  • love
  • happiness
  • energy
  • health
  • confidence and 
  • purpose

 released. This is a one off event, from the comfort of your chair, where I will help all of you to release, let go and reclaim your true self, once and for all. This is something that makes the most amazing transformation in the lives of all my Clients and is essential to living their full potential.

JUST REGISTER BELOW and I will forward you the private Conference details of where I will also


Working with Michelle has helped me to develop both personally and within my business. Michelle helped to break down my fears and self doubts and to help me reach my true potential. Michelle offered great business and personal support to take my business to the next level leading to increased confidence and productivity. I would highly recommend Michelle's services to anyone who would like to unlock their true potential!

Rebel Belles Programme

The Rebel Belles Programme is for women with a sense of deep purpose or mission to achieve, balancing work with personal, home and family life.

This Programme teaches you to Take back Your Power and to speak your truth, to overcome fear and build confidence so that you no longer live your life in a way that puts your needs last.

You will learn tools and techniques to transform any uncomfortable situation, to heal your relationships and to create the secrets behind creating your perfect life, not just existing day to day.

I will help you to heal from any old traumas or painful past experiences, change your thinking and perspective and help you gain the clarity you need to know what is best for you in life, love and work.

I was getting ill with Anxiety, was drained and feeling like I had no time, money or life...only work. We cleared nearly all by problems by Week 3 and I took back my Power! My problems literally went away, I got a payrise and new work conditions, lost the Anxiety. I ahve totally changed my thinking and feel so much better and relaxed. Michelle has a great knowledge, talks to you like an old friend, and offers practical solutions which she makes so easy to understand. She is a true inspiration.

Annie G, County Mayo

This Programme has powerful results, has healed marriages, boosted money and out of the blue opportunities, transformed parent/child relationships and moved every single woman from a place of stress and hopelessness to peace and personal power.

With things in my personal life on a high, my work life has improved greatly too. Michelle has helped me change my whole outlook and prioritise what is important in my life to be able to distinguish between what is or isn't deserving of my attention and energy. Michelle has a gift of getting you in the right mindset and that's when great things happen, when you are open and ready to receive them. Sinead Slane, Retro Blade

You will receive many unique resources compiled from my high level coaching and Spiritual healing work along with good old fashioned common sense from someone who used to constantly give her power away to others and not even realise why she was so miserable!

This is for women who believe they should stand side by side the men and live and work with them in full confidence of their gifts and femininity. This is for women who want to make a difference in the world and are looking for the perfect help to up level and become their best self.

Through working with Michelle I have gained many powerful tools to calm the negativity in my life. We worked on the REAL me! Michelle helped me tremendously on achieving my goals in life in a short period of time. She is fantastic at what she does.

C Connolly

I am one of the world's highest trained NLP Business Coaches, NLP Create Your Perfect Future Coach, NLP Timeline Therapist, Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Practitioner, Shaman, Enterprise Mentor and award holder of Women Leading the Way. I also am a monthly Columnist for the award winning 'Local Women' Magazine and regularly feature in 'Ulster Tatler' magazine, and am the go to girl for Empowering and Inspiring Talks and Workshops. Besides that I'm just a Mum, adored Wife, a bit of a Rock Chick and as down to earth an Irish girl as you could hope to find ;)

(My book 'The Celtic Tigress' TM will be on your bookshelf within the year.)

If this is you or you would just like to know more then click the link and we arrange a No Obligation free 1 Hour Consultation.


Rebel Leaders Programme

The Rebel Leaders Programme is special. It is for those who are determined to create lasting and positive Social Change in the world and need clarity, support, tools and self belief to make that happen.

Rebel Leaders are often reluctant Leaders with a burning passion in their heart to correct injustice and inequality and to remove discrimination and corruption and to pursue Human Rights, heal the Environment or to make the lives of others better in the way that that only they know how.

Unfortunately, many Rebel Leaders are struggling to make this happen on their own and become riddled with self doubt as their Visionary thinking is not recognised, nor understood, by those around them. They're way ahead of the game and can see the big picture but their Mission is too big to handle on their own. But this is my ultimate Thing. I get it. I always recognise these people instantly and understand that their work and purpose is too important to never come to fruition. I help them make it happen, to get out of their own way.

Dermot, below is an outstanding example of overcoming adversity and changing the world for the better his way. I am honoured to have helped him help others.

Working with Michelle since late 2013 has seen my life transform. Whilst I always gave an outwards appearance of confidence, I was always crippled with fear and self-doubt.

I have worked on my social enterprise 'My Way Access' since January 2011, though had the idea in 2005, I found myself in a rut and unable to push it forward to where it needed to go.

'My Way Access' is an interactive website for people with a disability to find out where  is and isnít accessible for them to visit in any given area. They can also leave their own feedback for others, to paint a wider opinion of what premises are like.

This can be anything from shops to restaurants and taxi firms and tourist locations. It has been likened to Trip Advisor by many that I have come into contact that has used it.

I write blogs on the website, covering all aspects of living with a disability and reacting to events and topics which are in the news.

One issue which is important to me, is Ovarian Cancer and the late Una Crudden was kind enough to do a guest blog as someone who was living with the cancer and her awareness campaign in Northern Ireland.

Michelle helped me understand that all the obstacles that were placed in front of me, were put there by myself as a result of baggage I have been carrying around since I was a child.

Through intensive sessions that I fully opened myself up to, I found ways to deal with these weights and finally put them down. A lot of the time I was unaware I was carrying them. Through a series of different techniques that Michelle has taught me, I am able to confront fears and know now how to manoeuvre around them.

Michelle would have me believe that I always had this within me and I suppose in a way she is right, but Michelle has gifted me with the keys to unlock them. The difference within me has not gone unnoticed. Everyone now Ė family, friends and work colleagues have seen the transformation in me.

Of the things I have achieved under Michelle guidance in the last year, I have:

  1. Been nominated for The Sunday Life / SpecsSavers Spirit of NI
  2. I was elected the Chairperson of Omagh Access Forum
  3. Activately campaigned and successfully got disabled access to premises changed in Omagh
  4. Met with German Tourist Board to take 'My Way Access' to Germany and do a disabled tourist guide to one of their cities and they would roll it out across Germany
  5. I am now a freelancer columnist for 'Ability NI', offering disabled access reviews for holiday sites in Northern Ireland
  6. Gave a talk for 'BlueBird Care' in RoI about living with a disability in Ireland.
  7. Challenged Politicians on a different array of disabled access issues in Omagh and across Northern Ireland.
  8. Invited and par-took in a live radio interview on BBC Radio Ulster with Wendy Austin about Blue Parking Badge abuse
  9. Invited and took a stall at Disability Northern Ireland Exhibition at the Kings Hall Belfast for 'My Way Access'
  10. Spoke at Invest NI event about working as a person with a disability
  1. Debuting my Stand Up Comedy set on Friday 27th February, with another club booking me.
  1. Appeared on Irish TV for interview
  1. Appeared on UTV as part of Spirt of Northern Ireland Award
    Had the craic with Frank Mitchell on stage
  1. Wrote and starred in an online advert for 'My Way Access'

These are amongst some of the big things I achieved.  Before Michelle, I never would have found the confidence within myself to take these challenges and more importantly, achieve them.

Dermot Devlin

If you have a BIG Mission to fulfil and are totally overwhelmed with how to make it happen then me, we'll have a chat and we'll make it happen.

Stop Going Round in Circles

When we have a problem it can feel as if we're going round in circles, looking for a solution. And that's because we are! We're stuck in a pattern of thinking or doing something in a certain way and if we want something different we have to DO something different. But every action stems from a thought so we need to get our heads in the right place first.

If you look at this Infinity Symbol below you will see it is 2 connected circles. We are on one side with our problem and our solution is on the other. In between is change, fear or a personal boundary. To get over the hump in the middle means we have to let go of what is holding us back be that lack of clarity, confidence, fear of not being enough or whatever but most importantly, letting go of wishful thinking that someone else will change or that circumstances will change for us. (They will but not until you change first😉).

I give you that clarity and show you how your thinking is keeping you stuck in your situation. I help you change your mind to change your life. And I help you drop the crappy stuff so you can reach for the good you deserve. If you are ready to jump into solutions and out of problems then I have 3 spaces left for my Business With Soul Programme, 6 weeks from Stress to Success, phone and online 1 to 1. Just PM or email michelle@michelledarcy to book a free 1 hr call where you get all the deets x

Michelle Darcy, Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner's photo.

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