BE a REBEL BELLE™, Women who Smash Society’s Stereotypes

...with the Women’s Rebel Mission Coach


I help women/entrepreneurs achieve their Rebel Mission in life, by identifying their core calling and breaking free from the limiting thoughts, habits, & beliefs that keep them from cashing in on their greatness.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, it is no accident and I welcome you as a woman just like me, who knows she is capable of great things.

‘I have found the confidence I have been missing in both my business and personal life.’

Women like you with a sense of a deep purpose or mission to achieve, balancing work with personal, home & family life

Women in general have a tendency to be givers of time, energy and help to others but struggle to set clear boundaries for their own needs and as a mum of 5 I constantly have to battle against doing what comes naturally (doing for others) and rebalance to do something for myself. It’s not easy and it doesn't come naturally. Society places too many demands and rules on women and we struggle to find our place in the world with so many hats to wear leaving us with broken hearts, lives and dreams.

‘You’ve turned my life around 180 degrees in less than a month.’

Work with me to:

  • Finally become who you really are, deep down and appreciate your own true worth as a woman with power.
  • Lose all those old Fears, Anger, Sadness, Hurt and Guilt.
  • Use your intuition and learn how to recognize the subtle signals from your body that keep you on the right path.
  • Learn how you can escape the traps of our out of date ‘Man’s World’
  • Step into the Spotlight with massive confidence
  • Heal your body issues, so you no longer hate how you look and feel, and can become proud of who you are.
  • Break free from miserable relationships.
  • Inspire and influence family, friends and others with your new found energy and joy
  • Overcome old Trauma once and for all, easily and effortlessly
  • Learn what works for the greatest Spiritual Teachers in the world and implement into your own life.
  • Implement spiritual principles and energy work into everything you do so that your problems disappear fast.

‘I finally had the confidence to believe I could do it. I applied for a Grant for my business and thanks to all the help and advice you gave me I won the Award! This allows me to work with the people I want, in the way I want and make a real difference to them.’

We need to be empowered to have the courage to make change in our lives which will inevitably, each in our own individual way make the world a better place. We set an example to our children, to our friends and to our society that we are capable of more and we start here today, by stepping into our power, one by one. But it starts with you, with me, one by one. Acknowledging your unique gifts that only you can share in your way and taking back your power. Be your best, do your best and have your best. Lead and inspire your children, friends, family, community and by one...the whole world. It may feel scary making that first jump but just call it excitement. The rewards are ALWAYS on the other side of fear. You're bigger than that and you know it. I'm waiting for you, ready to run by your side, to make you laugh, to ground you, to push you when you're weak and to hold you up to fulfilling your position as Wonder Woman of your own world. Ready? Lets go!!! Rebel Belle

Change the world by changing YOUR world.

‘My income tripled in the first month we’ve been working together!’

Programme lasts for 6 weeks and is for women who have had enough and believe deep down that they are here to do something BIG. If you’re ready to work with people just like you and become a modern day Wonder Woman then email

We’ll get you on the phone and answer all your questions so you’ll know if it’s right for you.