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Fabulous results for Emma with my Business With Soul Programme

I came across Michelle after randomly picking up a 'Local Women' Magazine when I was visiting my Mum's house. I flipped through it and it fell open at Michelle's Column and after reading it I decided to contact her.

I had recently started a new business, offering Kinesiology sessions, and felt overwhelmed - always running around with a 'To Do' list that was getting longer and longer, coupled with the fact that there didn't appear to be enough time to get through the list! By the time I contacted Michelle I had got to the stage where I carried this list around with me but I could no longer bare to look at it. This lead to a lot of guilt as I felt 'I should' be doing lots of things that I wasn't in order to succeed.

The first time I spoke with Michelle I knew immediately she was the one who was going to help me organise my life and my new business, allowing me to live life to the full by enabling me to balance my home life and business (and take care of the dreaded 'To Do' list) 

Throughout the 6 weeks Michelle provided me with the most amazing tools that I am able to use on a daily basis. Michelle listened carefully and was able to understand what I was saying, regardless how confusing or jumbled it seemed to me. She was also able to ask questions that I hadn't asked myself - or may have even avoided.

Michelle helped me to work out exactly what I want from my life and from my business. The beauty of the entire process is that Michelle does not tell you what to do. I was left feeling that throughout our conversations I had worked out the best solution for myself - very empowering!

Michelle will help you clarify where you want to go and provide you with the steps to get there.

I look forward to working with Michelle in the future :)


Emma Harvey



Systematic Kinesiology & Reiki Treatments


T: 07849 966888

Email: enicolls@hotmail.couk

Reviews of Michelle Darcy Book 'Small Business to Big Business'

I'm honoured to have Co Authored the Amazon best Selling Book 'Small Business to Big Business' with Matt Kinsella and other Business Experts. We've received the following 5* Reviews.

'A must read for everyone. I have worked with Michelle in the past and continue to do so. Everything she talks about, I have learnt from her and put into practice with my own life and various ventures.  Each of the contributors bring their own unique experiences for us all to learn. Please purchase, read and learn these important lessons.' 

'Great Motivator. As a Small Busines owner this book is a real motivator. It made me take a step back and look at not only how I work but also why my business exists. It's also alerted me to some of the pitfalls to be aware of as my business grows. The Case Studies of the different business owners was a fascinating read and made me realise some of the things I've been doing wrong as well as showing me that I'm doing a lot of things right. It's encouraging to know that I'm generally on the right track and with a few tweaks my business will grow the way theirs has.'

'What a great collaboration of busines minds. There are several points in this book that I am going to try and implement onto my business to increase productivty and profitability. I believe this book is right up there with 'How to Be Lucky'. Great work to all involved.'

'Great motivation. Helped me put my business woes into perspective and keep pushing on. Seeing stories from others who were in my position is just the push I need.'

'Excellent Book. I read Matt's 'How To Be Lucky' and this gave me the kick start I needed to start my small business. This latest release is just fantastic. A must read for those of us that wish to make our businesses work.'

'It's a very interesting read with the different chapter Authors providing their own stories and advice from their experience in starting and running their own businesses. There is definitely something for everybody here and plenty of ideas and inspiration that will be of help to the reader who is in the start up or established small business position now and looking to move on.'



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Hollywood Hero Gets Results With Business With Soul Programme

Hollywood Hero does Business With Soul! Read Niall's Testimonial and the results from us working together:


'Before I enlisted the help of Michelle I was having difficulty channelling my energy. I knew I had plenty of drive and motivation but I was easily distracted and was a Grade A Procrastinator!

I had recently enrolled in an Advanced Nutrional course and was studying at home whilst running my own Personal Training Studio. Busy was a polite way of putting it. I found myself being pulled from my study by unnecessary distractions and futile tasks.

I had seen Michelle on Facebook and was a fan of her material. I'm a natural sceptic and I always ask questions as to the validity of anything (especially if I'm investing money in it). What struck me about Michelle's content was that it wasn't chock full of the usual airy fairy filler that can easily be found on other pages of a similar vein.

I bit the bullet and gave Michelle a buzz for the free Consultation thinking I had nothing to lose but man was I wrong. Within the space of that call I lost any doubt that Michelle was the one to help me regain my focus.

Over the coming weeks Michelle used the vast array of tools at her disposal and between the two of us we came up with a plan of attack that would see me not only knuckle down to my studies but actually look forward to them!

I now have no problem focusing on the task at hand and my studies are going brilliantly.

Aside from my distracted behaviour, Michelle also provided invaluable business guidance and proved to be a fantastic springboards for ideas. I would frequently take notes from our calls and would end up with pages of actionable steps every time.

During the short time I have worked with Michelle I can honestly say that she has made a world of difference, not only to me, but to Hollywood Fitness as a result, with a significant upturn in custom and bookings.

They say seeing is believing. Well, in my case, achieving is believing.

If you are in any way, shape or form doubtful about giving Michelle a ring to see if she can help you, I implore you to pick up the phone. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!'

Niall Hollywood, Trainer, Owner, Watcher on the Wall, Hollywood Fitness Tel: 07880877888 Cookstown, NI or on Facebook at Hollywood Fitness Personal Training.

The Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make In Your Life

Rebel Belle Programme Results from Sinead Slane 'Retro Blade' Vintage Fashionista!

'I was introduced to Michelle through a mutual friend which I am truly thankful for. I was at a stage in my life and career that something had to give, I was burning the candle at both ends and yet felt that nothing was going right, both at a personal level and career wise. I wasn't unhappy but I just was not content, and I had a burning ambition to do so much but just couldn't get moving. I went to Michelle to mainly focus on my career and the direction in which it was going or not going, however I got so much more - fistly and most importantly in my personal life.

In my mind, I always believed that events which occurred in my life I had successfully dealt with and got over, but in fact these were some of the things that were hindering my existence and preventing me from going forward. Even though I have plenty of great friends and a large family circle who I adore immensely, and I'm not a shy person, underneath it all, at times, I felt socially awkward and backward at putting myself forward and didn't really feel part of anything - a bit of an outsider.

In my sessions with Michelle we cleared all the past issues and she went through coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations that I have went forward with which are fantastic. Within the first couple of weeks of my sessions with Michelle I got asked to take part in 3 Community Events which turned out to be amazing experiences and came at the right time in my life.

With things in my personal life on a high, my work life has improved greatly too. Michelle has helped me change my whole outlook and prioritise what is important in my life and to be able to distinguish between what is or isn't deserving of my attention and energy. Michelle has a gift of getting you in the right mindset and that's when great things happen, when you are open and ready to accept them.

With my personal life on the right track I am now able to focus on my career and I'm extremely excited for what the future holds and most importantly continuing my connection with Michelle.

I would recommend to everyone to go to Michelle, it's an investment in yourself which is the most important investment you will EVER make in your life!'

Follow Sinead and 'Retroblade' on Facebook for vintage fashion clothing, information and insider knowledge of how to find your perfect vintage look.

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Get Amazon Best Seller Book 'Small Business to Big Business'

'Small Business to Big Business'

Amazon Best Selling Book Co Authored by Michelle Darcy, Matt Kinsella and other Business Experts


Real Business advice from real Entrepreneurs who have been where you are now.

Discover how your Business can change the world

Learn how others overcome struggles, challenges and problems

Real stories from across many different Industries


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