Client testimonials

International Women's Day Speaker Event

Nice wee mention in 'The Tyrone Constitution' about my talk on behalf of Omagh Wise Owl's to a packed room of Community Group representatives.

'Principal among the Speakers was Michelle Darcy, Transformation Expert and NLP Practitioner who in her keynote speech gave the audience much food for thought and positive encouragement with her Inspirationall Address.

Michelle's discourse had a particular resonance with the younger women in the audience as she is a young woman herself and a Mother of %, who practices what she preaches. her enlightening ideas in the promotion of self-assurance, self-belief and self-worth were embodied in the platitude - realise your own dreams rather than constantly doing what others expect of you.'

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

The beautiful and incredibly talented Healer Lucy had this to say following working with me through my Business With Soul 6 week Programme;

'as a young person I was lacking in confidence and self esteem. Then through Nursing and life experiences I grew in confidence and took on many challenges in my career. Recently though, I found mself becoming incredibly frustrated. Having qualified as a Herbalist nearly 6 years ago I still hadn't build up much of a Client base and was still working 2-3 days a week as a Nurse. For 3 years I ahd wanted to make the break but it hadn't happened. I decided to quit the post but in doing so felt all the fears and anxieties surface. My belief that I wouldn,t e able to financially support myself and would fail in my business was threatening to make me ill. I needed Expert help.

I was instantly drawn to Michelle's Column in the 'Ulster tatler' Magazine and just knew she was the right person to contact. It was such a lovely experience to chat through these problems and be given the tools to grow in confidence and dump the excess baggage from the past. I'm now feeling much more positive about my future as a herbalist. New ideas and opportunities are appearing and I'm overcoming hurdles with hardly a hint of anxiety. I look forward to keeping the connection with Michelle to work on health related issues.'

Find Lucy and her incredible work on Kittowellness Lucy Scott on Facebook.

Powerful Tools & Techniques

'Through working with Michelle I have gained many powerful tools and techniques to calm the negativty in my life. I originally wanted to work with Michelle to focus on my business/career but I actually worked more on my mindset, beliefs, fears and barriers to achieving my goals in life. We worked on the REAL me! I now believe that mindset is the single most important factor in leading your happiest, most fulfilling life possible. It won't happen overnight but it's like anything in life, the more energy and focused effort you put in, the more you get in return.

Michelle helped me tremendously in a short period of time and I have a feeling we will be working together again in the future. The Facebook posts contain gems of knowlsedge and inspiration that keep me motivated on a tough day! She is fantastic at what she does and we are lucky to have a Guru like ker in the Omagh area.'  

Colleen April 2015

Professional and Patient

Paula's Testimonial all the way from sunny Australia;

'I would like to thank Michelle for her professionalism and patience and for the excellent advice and guidance she has given me during our Mentoring Course. I always looked forward to our Skype sessions and enjoyed chatting with Michelle about a range of different topics to help me, as well as come casual banter! Michelle's straightforward, clear and friendly manner has helped me to understand some of the obstacles that I have been putting in my own way and how to overcome these. I have finished the course with an improved sense of purpose, a firme rvision of where I want to go and a stronger belief in my business and my own abilities to achieve the goals and targets that I have set for myself. I now have confidence in my own abilities and I have some tools and strategies to use to build my business and to share what I have to offer. Michelle has heled me to focus on simple techniques and a variety of approaches to emphasise the benefits of my products and my business, which will undoubtedly attract more like-minded people and help me achieve the results I'm working towards.'

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