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'Thank you for delivering an excellent Masterclass.'  Women in Business NI

Liam O'Neill Entertainment

Through the coaching with Michelle I got a sense of where my time was being misplaced and how to manage my time better.  With this in mind I have been able to get a lot more done, I'm able to be more productive and am self motivated to push myself by being more proactive in promoting my work which has increased by 100%.

I felt the goals we had set were a bit high at first but by month 4  I felt I had over reached my goals, and needed to make some new goals. Michelle’s wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable, I know without her help I would not have gotten my business off the ground and running as fast as I did. Michelle’s manner in which she talks to you immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel like she has been where you are, so you know the things you are doing and going through. She has been there and her methods have been real life tested so you know that this stuff will work for you too. To end, I would have to say that the work I did with Michelle has brought me on a long way not only in my work life but also my personal life.



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© 2014 Personal Performance Coach - Michelle Darcy, Northern Ireland (NI) 

N Baxter, 2011

Michelle asks the pertinent questions to help you find your own answers, she's professional and personable and very approachable.

I would highly recommend her to anyone needing direction or clarity.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


© 2014 Personal Performance Coach - Michelle Darcy, Northern Ireland (NI) 

N Michaels, 2011

It is amazing how much you can accomplish simply by realising what it is you are actually trying to achieve. Michelle helped me to find the focus to develop my ideas, and to get my plans moving and growing, until I discovered what my goals actually are. From there, it's as simple as taking action, but to get there, the help was invaluable.

© 2014 Personal Performance Coach - Michelle Darcy, Northern Ireland (NI) 


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